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10 Year Anniversary at The Sylvester

3456 N Miami Ave


10 Year Anniversary at The Sylvester

Established in Wynwood in 2012, before the bright lights and big buildings, Bookleggers Library has been committed to free books and building literary community in Miami for a decade. From the swamp to the planetarium, by our count we’ve given away over 50,000 books to the good people of Miami. We believe in what we do and we have had a good time doing it.

So come celebrate the decade with us. In honor of 10 years we are throwing a GREATEST HITS party, bringing back some of the most fun things we’ve had at our events over the years. Here's a list of things you will get for free at The Sylvester on July 23rd: one free drink, one free book, one free bookmark, one free mechanical alligator ride, one free mariachi concert, one free magic show, one free yell at a pirate, one free entry and all the free hugs you need to cheers to 10 years of Booklegging.

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