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July 13, 2024

For 12 years, we've been distributing free books across Miami, on a mission to build literary community. Come celebrate a dozen years with us!

Can you bake? Show us your skills in a juried competition with local bakers and baking themed prizes!


Baked goods must be inspired by a piece of literature of your choosing.

"Catcher in the Seedless Rye", "To Kill A Macaroon", "Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Marzipan", "Slaughterhouse Flan"... you get it!

Can you eat baked goods? We KNEAD to see it!

The Party Includes:

  • Free Books - Cookbooks, art books, any kind of book!

  • Bake Off - In Great British Baking Show style, Bookleggers Founder, Nathaniel Sandler, hosts the competition with local culinary expert judges! Contestants will submit literary-themed baked goods to be judged by bakers, readers, and YOU!

  • Want to bake? Click here to join the bake-off 

  • Bakes inspired, live figure drawing session with Raw Figs

  • Drinks by OFF SITE + Yeti’s Pizza

Gifts + Favors:


Share some dough! Every donation of $25+ adds a candle to our b-day cake... and ensures a future full of free books in our city. 

For every donation of $25, we’ll add a candle to our birthday cake.

Help us reach 100 candles!


Pre-order your candle today to help us light up our b-day cake with 100+ candles!

  • When you arrive at the party, you can add your candle to the cake.

  • Your donation also enters into our party drawing for Bookleggers themed prizes!

Our gift to you - FREE books & bakes <3

Donate some dough.


RSVP to help us MIX it up! We have nothing to PROOF!

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